Information on the Nominet tags EVOLVE and HELIX

Eavoulix Limited (hereafter referred to as Eavoulix) is a Nominet Registrar under the classifications of Self Managed (for the tag EVOLVE) and Channel Partner (for the tag HELIX), and as an inclusive part of it's Domain Name Management Service, registers and renews Nominet managed domains (.uk,,,,, and under the tags names EVOLVE and HELIX. The Domain Name Management Service is only available to Eavoulix itself, and people known by the Managing Director of Eavoulix and the businesses they run.

Your contract with Eavoulix Limited

Registering or renewing domain names within the the Eavoulix Limited (hereafter referred to as Eavoulix) Domain Name Management Service, will be bound strictly under the terms of the following contract.

  1. In this contract "You" means the registrant of the domain names, and "We" means Eavoulix, a company registered in England and Wales, Company number 15758821 with Registered Office at 86 - 90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE,UK and UK VAT registration [Pending].
  2. "Emailing us" means sending an email to [email protected]
  3. "Abuse email" means email concerning potential abuse coming from registrants who are customers of Eavoulix. The above address works for Abuse email too.
  4. "Telephone us" means ring us on +44-20-3129-2062.
  5. "Write to us" means send a letter to 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE
  6. "Nominet's Ts & Cs" means Nominet's terms and conditions here
  7. We do not offer the Domain Name Management Service to the general public. If you want a professional domain name registrar, there are quite literally thousands of them. We are an affilliate partner of one such registrar - Astutium Limited - whose website you may access by simply typing in in to your browser. Note that Astutium are completely independent to Eavoulix and it's brand Cyberstrider.
  8. This contract does not oblige Eavoulix to supply you with any other related Internet Services (such as hosting or broadband). This contract relates only to the Domain Name Management Service (includes registering and renewing domains falling within Nominet's management of the top level domain .uk - including .uk,,,,, and
  9. Not all Domain Name Management Services are billed to you and may be provided for free. If you are charged for this service then this will be on a cost recovery basis, taking in to account the time spent taking your order, processing it, registering or renewing the domain, cost of the domain, configuring it (including assigning the nameservers), raising the invoice, processing the payment and bank charges.
  10. Currently the cost recovery fee for the Domain Name Management Service as it relates to a domain under a Nominet managed .uk via Eavoulix is £12 + VAT per annum. VAT is at the prevailing UK rate (currently 20%).
  11. You will be billed as follows: Upon receiving an order to initiate a Domain Name Management Service for a domain (ie, registering a new domain, or transferring in a domain): £12 + VAT. Annually on the 1st of December: £12 + VAT with 30 days payment terms (The Domain Name Management Service is run on a per calendar year basis). Note that this fee covers the renewal of your Nominet managed .uk domain as and when the renewal falls due at Nominet.
  12. Customer service is obtained by emailing us. You can normally expect a reply within 5 days. If for some reason emailing doesn't work, you can telephone or write to us.
  13. If there are any members of the general public reading this, then although the details on how to contact us are above, please note that we do not sell services to the general public. All queries except those which relate to network abuse by a domain name managed by us, will be ignored.
  14. Complaints and refunds: if you have a complaint, do feel free to email us. Any refunds will be calculated on a pro-rata basis after the non-refundable cost of the domain name as paid to Nominet is deducted.
  15. Any name we register for you will be in the your own name.
  16. If you register or renew a Nominet domain via our Domain Name Management Service, Nominet's Ts & Cs form a contract between you and Nominet. By requesting us to register or renew such a domain, you indicate not only that you agree to these Nominet's Ts & Cs, but that you've read and understood them.
  17. Any domain names we manage for you under our Domain Name Management Service will be renewed as long as the annual Domain Name Management Service invoices are paid by you, or until you instruct us you no longer require the service. This means your domains won't expire, and hence there will be no need to send you an expiry notice for the domain name.
  18. If you want to transfer your domain names to another registrar then email us with the details and we will re-tag the domain.
  19. Our liability, whether in contract or tort will be limited to damages which will not exceed, in aggregate, 100% of the fees paid by you to us in the previous 12 months under this contract.
  20. Version: 2024060002